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Nobody understands the science of blood sugar like Sam Talbot. In THE SWEET LIFE, Sam reveals the fresh ingredients and special combinations he created to help keep his own blood sugar in balance. Better still, Sam’s self-styled recipes are so rich and satisfying that he serves them to discriminating customers at his acclaimed New York area restaurants. Direct-from-the-publisher special offer! Click here!

Try these amazing, satisfying, and completely attainable recipes for yourself!
• Make brunch extra-special with Baked Eggs with Pancetta-Basil Marinara. Page 55

Pickled Peach and Walnut Pancakes warm the heart and brighten your morning. Page 58

Lemon Chicken with Lemongrass and Love breathes new life into weeknight chicken. Page 205

• Sam’s signature The Fish Fry brings down-home delicious to your table. Page 194
Chicken Noodle Soup with Collards and Soul is a fresh twist on an old favorite. Page 76

• Fire up appetites with Grilled Strip Loin with Carrot-Ginger Vinaigrette. Page 207

Dungeness Crab with Charred Garlic-Chili Sauce: Sam says, “I’d eat this every day for life, if I could …” Page 179

• Go Asian exotic with spicy Shirataki Noodles with Cashews and Chiles. Page 165
Baby Greens with Lemon, Ginger, and Crispy Pork is packed with diabetes-friendly soul. Page 87

• Brighten up plain old ice cream with Chile Agave. Page 220

Sour Strawberry Cobbler warms the heart and sweetens the soul. Page 229
And many more! Try them all! Click here!
Order The Sweet Life today!
Order The Sweet Life today!
Between delicious recipes, THE SWEET LIFE chronicles Sam’s solo travels around the world as he samples exotic cuisines while managing his diabetes in far-flung locales. You’ll discover:

Sam’s personal how-to tips for managing his diabetes on the road

Pantry and medicine cabinet staples — many that may surprise you!

The amazing fruit that normalizes insulin levels and fights diabetes

7 reasons to enjoy almond milk every day

Sam’s ninja snack pack that gets him through the day

And tons more!
“My love for cooking has made me a healthier diabetic and vice versa: Being diabetic has made me a better cook.”
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Order The Sweet Life today!
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